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Rebecca Lucario - Acoma Pueblo  

Rebecca Lucario specializes in making seedpots, small bowls, and plates decorated with beautiful geometric designs and traditional Mimbres figures, including lizards, quail and kokopellis. Using natural methods. including native clay and natural paints applied with a yucca fiber brush, Rebecca and her sisters have developed many new colors through experimentation with slips and firing. Rebecca is particularly known for her excellent brushwork in fine line designs.


This olla is shaped like the traditional Acoma water vessel with an indented base for carrying on the head. It is thin, beautifully symmetrical, and precisely painted with fineline and solid geometric patterns like those found in prehistoric Pueblo pottery. Rebecca is the acknowledged master of fineline painting. This olla is 5 3/4" in height and 7" in diameter. It is signed "Acoma NM R. Lucario".

Gallery Cost: $6950. Does not include applicable sales tax, shipping and packing cost.


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