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Lonnie Vigil- Nambe Pueblo  

Lonnie Vigil of New Mexico's Nambe Pueblo is a micaceous potter. This style of pottery is distinguished by the sparkling mica flecks in the clay and by its traditional use for cooking and storage. Often overlooked by collectors in the past, micaceous pottery is enjoying a new wave of interest and appreciation. Vigil had no conscious desire to become an artist when he was growing up at Nambe Pueblo. Instead, after earning a degree in business administration from Eastern New Mexico University, he pursued a career as a financial and business consultant in New Mexico and subsequently in Washington, D.C. By the early 1980s, Vigil was becoming aware that his work and life in Washington "gave me nothing to feed my soul." A performance at the Kennedy Center called "Night of the First Americans" inspired Vigil to return to Nambe, where he began working with clay. "I prayed for direction from the Clay Mother, and slowly the information began to come," he says. "I also asked for the help of my great-grandmother and my great-aunts, who were all potters. And I still ask their guidance today." Vigil, whose pots have won the top awards at several Santa Fe Indian Markets, sees himself as guardian of the clay" and says, "I feel responsible for making sure that the Clay Mother stays alive in my village." Today Lonnie lives on the Nambe Pueblo with his family around him including his mother, brother and sister.

Lonnie Vigil contact information:

Lonnie Vigil
106 A County Road 84F
Santa Fe, N.Mex. 87506-9713
505 455 2871


This gun-metal micaceous bowl is in excellent condition and was made ca. 2004. The pot is signed on the bottom "Vigil Nambe." It measures 5 1/2" height x 12 3/4" diameter. This unusually designed bowl has a rounded bottom with squared tapered sides giving it a very elegant profile.

Gallery Cost: $7400. Does not include applicable sales tax, shipping and packing cost.




This black hand-formed micaceous pot is in excellent condition and was made in November of 2002. The pot is incised on the bottom "Vigil Nambe" and measures 11 1/2" height x 12 1/2" diameter. Rounded bottom flares upward to a beautifully shaped shoulder creating a rainbow effect.

Gallery Cost: $10500. Does not include applicable sales tax, shipping and packing cost.


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