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Jean Sahmie Nampeyo - Hopi Pottery  

Jean Sahmie Nampeyo is a Hopi-Tewa from the village of First Mesa, located on the Hopi Reservation. She was given the name, "Sak'Honsee" which means Tobacco Flower when she was born. She comes from a large family of eight brothers and sisters, she being the eldest daughter. Jean has a daughter named Donella. She is now a Grandmother to two grand kids, Kaniela and Keanu, who are her pride and joy. This a picture of Jean firing a pot at First Mesa on the Hopi Reservation. Jean began working seriously with clay in 1972, working along side her grandmother, Rachel Namingha, who mentored and influenced her pottery techniques. Jean vividly remembers the advice her grandmother gave her "to respect and follow the traditional method for it will sustain your livelihood." You will find Jean's work at various galleries, museums, private collections, colleges and universities in the United States and abroad.

Jean Sahmie
P.O. Box394
Polacca, Arizona 86042.
928 737 9102.




This information is good as of January, 2007.
The Jean Sahmie pottery on this site is for sale using Paypal. If we can assist you further please call Nativescapes at 469 995 6471.


This is a highly polished hand-formed Hopi seed pot. It is in excellent condition and was made ca. 2004. The pot is hallmarked on the bottom with cursive "J" and the corn symbol. It measures 5 1/2" height x 10 1/2" diameter.The pot is painted with polychrome that include moths, rain clouds and other sikyatki designs.

Gallery Cost: $3400. Does not include applicable sales tax, shipping and packing cost.

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