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Dorothy Torivio- Acoma Pueblo  

Dorothy Torivio has been an active potter since 1974 working with traditional black on white and polychrome bowls, jars and seedpots. She was taught by her mother, Mary Valley, and mother-in-law, Lolita Concho, and gives recognition to Lucy M. Lewis and Marie Concho as well. Dorothy's only student has been her niece, Sandra Victorino.


This is one of Dorothy's larger creations, measuring 6 1/2 inches in diameter by 7 inches tall. The interwoven chain-link-like pattern is one of the most attractive pottery decorations to be invented. This is Dorothy's "Star Pattern," but closer scrutiny reveals it to be quite a bit more. The center of the design is a four-pointed star. Her interpretation, "These are the stars, shapes I see at night. And the four points in each star represent the four directions. Then each star is formed by four yucca leaves, each with two crossing white lines, connected in the center; again, a symbol of the four mystic directions." Now take a close look. The pattern is really an optical illusion if you focus at the white center you see a four-pointed star. Focus on the black elements, where they intersect, and you see four intersecting yucca leaves. The pot is signed on the bottom "Dorothy Torivio Acoma NM."

Gallery Cost: $6825. Does not include applicable sales tax, shipping and packing cost.



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