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Carmelita Dunlap - San Ildefonso Pueblo  

Carmelita Dunlap (1925 - 2000) was the niece of Maria Martinez, who is considered the institution of San Ildefonso pottery. Carmelita was born in 1925 and learned pottery making by watching her aunts Maria and Desideria Montoya. Carmelita's mother passed away when she was very young and Maria and Desideria raised her from then on.  Carmelita was considered the last living protégé of Maria until her death in 2000. San Ildefonso Pueblo is known for its beautiful, highly polished pottery. San Ildefonso pottery is formed and finished by hand. Work such as coiling, molding and sanding are very important to the way the pot will look when finished. The designs are then carefully painted on the polished surface, using a mixture of clay and water, which is called a slip. The work is then fired in an outdoor open-air fire pit using wood and manure as fuel.



This is a black on black pot created in the style of Carmelita' s aunt Maria Martinez. It is in excellent condition and was made in 1981. The pot is incised on the bottom "Carmelita Dunlap San Ildefonso Pueblo" and measures 10" height x 8 1/2" diameter. Tapered band from neck to shoulder creating a nice silhouette.

Gallery Cost: $3825. Does not include applicable sales tax, shipping and packing cost.


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