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Ambrose Atencio - Santo Domingo Pueblo  

Ambrose Atencio is an Native American Indian, who was born at the Santo Domingo Pueblo on June 11, 1963. He learned the art of working with clay by observing his family members who were established artisans and especially his grandmother. He was taught all the fundamentals of working with clay using the ancient traditional methods. He continues to practice his methods of hand coiling pottery to preserve the ancient traditional way of his ancestors and adds to their legacy. He specializes in hand coiled, hand painted traditional Santo Domingo pottery. He gathers all his raw materials such as clay, sand, and natural plants from within the Santo Domingo Pueblo. He hand cleans the clay for impurities, mixes all the natural pigments with water, and begins hand coiling his vessels. Once the pottery is dry he sands the finished product to give it a smooth finish all around the vessel. Ambrose then begins to hand paint his beautiful designs with a stem of a yucca that has been fashioned into a brush. The colors he uses on his designs are also provided from plants such as: spinach plant. His designs are usually the traditional bird, flowers, or geometric designs. He sets his pottery out to dry and then fires his masterpieces the traditional way, outdoors. He signs his pottery as: Ambrose Atencio Kewa, Santo Domingo Pueblo, and the year it was constructed. He is related to Hilda Coriz (cousin) and Robert Tenorio (cousin).

Ambrose Atencio Contact information:
107 Lone Mountain Road
Santo Domingo Pueblo
New Mexico 87052
505 319 5963


This is a hand-formed Santo Domingo Pueblo pot. The pot is incised on the bottom "Ambrose Atencio Kewa 2004" and measures 13 1/2" height x 16 1/2" diameter.The pot is painted with a white slip over a reddish tan clay body. Ambrose uses the stem of a yuuca plant or paint brush to paint the traditional birds, flowers and geometric designs.

Gallery Cost: $2825. Does not include applicable sales tax, shipping and packing cost.



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